Friday, June 19, 2009

Le Croissant

Behold: the Georgestown bakery croissant. Comme c'est bon! Very buttery - to the point where there's a little weight to it. Flaky and crisp on the outside while still slightly chewy on the inside... overall it's a fine croissant. Good enough to have two. Yes, two.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meat and Veg

Leave it to boil for a while and beef navel turns into tender and slightly salty beef goodness. Mmmm.

Not the most appetizing packaging, but then again, it is pickled trimmed beef navel.

Turnip greens are faaantastic. Kinda like mustard greens, they're a hearty, happy and very greeny veg. These should be a staple in every supermarket across Canada.

Taylor's turnip tops. Good stuff. It's a big bag but they mash down like spinach when cooked.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fisherman's Brewis

A plate of tasty tidbits. It's kinda like a Newfoundland fisherman's version of Stovetop Stuffing.

Salt fish, hard tack (rock hard bread), onions, pork rind, scrunchions. Fisherman's brewis is one of those unpretentious traditional dishes that makes you feel warm & cozy when eating it. Some have it with Coady (boiled molasses) - yum! I would totally have that for breakfast.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Contraband Crab

Limbs ripped off and shelled. Ok so I ate an obscenely ginormous pile of crab tonight and it was absolutely awesome. When they're this fresh the crab meat is sweet sweet sweet with an undertone of Atlantic sea-saltiness. And I love the soft stringy texture of the meat when you scrape them out of the shells... like crableg cheesestrings. Really, there's nothing better than hands-on eating and sucking out some juicy crabmeat. Soooo goooood.

Then into a giant pot of boiling salted water. This guy looks like he's choking, but I somehow felt no remorse as I watched them steep into the pot. No remorse. Just deliciousness.

Tossed into the trunk of the car Goodfellas style.

Ok so the crabs were abducted here at the Southside Smallboat Basin. Well actually they were given to us by some of the local fishermen who were supercool hardworking dudes. 25 lbs they gave us. Unbelievable.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Après fish n' chips - Sundaes at Bergs!

Marshmallow and vanilla ice cream, chocolate and vanilla whipped cream, peanuts and hot fudge. Yes, I did say chocolate AND vanilla whipped cream. Omg! Every time I look at this picture I wanna eat it again.

Chocolate medley ice cream, peanuts and blueberry topping. Yumyumyumyumyum!

Bergs ice cream is a popular place for good reason. The ice cream is gooey delicious and the service is great. They seem to have a deep understanding of ice cream sundaes at Bergs... like putting the hot fudge sauce at the bottom of the cup then oozing it over top of the scoops. So smart. Manuels Stn Main, Conception Bay South. 709-834-4764

By the Beach - Fish n' chips

Crispy, light, tempura-like batter coating fresh Atlantic cod with a pile-o-fries. Yum!

One side green peas. One side gravy. One side.. breadcrumb & savory mix (I can't remember what it's called but it does have a name).

These onion rings were ordered after seeing a woman at the next table devouring hers. We then devoured ours.

Oh.. and here's the view. Ye-ah.

By the Beach Restaurant. Pretty darned good fish n' chips in a pretty cool setting. In a town called St. Philip's (about a 20min drive from St. John's).
1608 Thorburn Road, St. Philip's. 709-895-8800

Buttery Bbq'd Tenderloin

Ohh tender tenderloin.. how I love you so. Bought at Costco and aged for about a week before spicing it up and throwing it on the grill. It was like slicing into butter... meaty, juicy, tender butter. Shown here with a blomp of horseradish, a side of succutash and some asparagus. More I want More.